Happy 80th Birthday, Yoko!

Wishing a very, very happy 80th birthday to my dear friend, Yoko Ono. I’ve been talking about this day with Yoko for seven years now — back then, it seemed like a huge milestone to celebrate (and it is) but Yoko’s love, art and message of peace is needed more today than ever before. Here’s to a happy, healthy Yoko celebrating her 90th, 100th and beyond. Yoko: I love you!

Teaser Trailer For Brian’s New Solo Album "Being"!

That”s right, Brian Larsen is putting out a new solo album in 2014, and you can preview the album by clicking the video above… exciting!

Slideshow for Brian’s New Single “Dead To You”

Brian Larsen Explains How To Make Your Own Version Of The BluePrint Juice Cleanse

Brian’s Live Acoustic Cover of “Keep The Streets Empty For Me”

Brian Covers “If I Had A Heart” by Fever Ray

Yesterday, Brian Larsen posted a video slideshow of his version of the Fever Ray song “If I Had A Heart” from Fever Ray’s self-titled debut album. You can view the video here:

“If I Had A Heart”


Preview The New Album And Pre-Order Now!

Brian Larsen “Building” Album Preview