Amazon just slashed the price of Zoom recording gear, including the Zoom H5 and ZUM-2 Podcast Mic Bundle



Wait, wasn’t Amazon Prime Day in June? Well, it looks like Amazon isn’t just cutting prices in the summer and kicking off its Black Friday guitar deals at the end of November, so they’ve added a brand new sale event to fill the gap – Prime Day Early. Go to sale (opens in a new tab), which runs until the end of the game on Wednesday. Now we’re not complaining, the more options to save, the better. While there are many products on offer, podcasters and recording fanatics may want to check out the offers on portable recorders, microphones and Zoom interfaces (opens in a new tab).

Now, you may think of Zoom as just a producer of budget multi-effects, but they are, in fact, a leading force in the world of portable recorders, audio interfaces and podcasting microphones – and luckily for you, some of their most popular models are currently on sale.

The Incredibly Popular Zoom H5 4-track portable recorder dropped from $337.99 to $239.99 (opens in a new tab). It’s been a go-to recorder for sound designers for years and now you can save $98! If you don’t need your recording device to be as portable as the classic H5, then the Zoom R20 Multitrack Tabletop Recorder (opens in a new tab) may be a better option for you, and right now it’s only $349.99.

Looking for a simple plug-and-play option for your new podcast idea? Well, you might want to take advantage of this great deal on the Zoom ZUM-2 Podcast Mic Bundle, which is only $99.99 (opens in a new tab).

Although there are a few electric guitar deals on Amazon, and there are some tasty discounts on the Positive Grid Spark (opens in a new tab)we’d say you better head over to the Guitar Center and check out their absolutely stellar Guitar-A-Thon Sale (opens in a new tab), which is in full swing right now. Here you’ll find amazing deals on everything from Fender Player Strats to Martin acoustics, MXR pedals and affordable practice amps.

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