Apple Music Produces Short Film For Miranda Lambert’s Latest Release


Photo credit: Apple Music

Apple will release a new original short film featuring the making of Miranda Lambert’s latest studio album. Generic character is Lambert’s seventh studio album and will be released later this week.

Apple today released a teaser for the upcoming short. ‘Behind Miranda Lambert’s Generic character‘gives fans a taste of Lambert discussing the laying of tracks. The film also features several on-camera interviews with her to dissect the album.

“Country is what I do, it’s who I am, it literally escapes my pores ⁠ – but I love rock & roll” she says.

The Generic character album will debut on November 1 and include “It All Comes Out in the Wash”, “Bluebird”, “Mess with my Head” and “Way Too Pretty for Prison”.

It’s already the most pre-added country album by a female artist on Apple Music. Meanwhile, Martina McBride accused Spotify’s country algorithm of being biased towards male country artists. Spotify is hoping to please country fans by teaming up with Reba McEntire for a new podcast.

The short will also feature guest appearances and commentary from album producer ⁠— Jay Joyce. Co-writers Natalie Hemby, Ashlie Monroe, Luke Dick and The Love Junkies also share their perspectives.

Spotify and Apple Music both invest heavily in exclusive content. Apple has partnered with VICE and other media companies to create exclusive music documentaries for years.

Earlier this year, Apple Music released a new documentary on the life of Wiz Khalifa. This documentary featured behind-the-scenes interviews with the rapper’s friends and family. An untitled Prince documentary is also rumored to be in the works and could be released soon.

Another documentary titled Songwriter features Ed Sheeran discussing his tours in 2016, although this one does not feature any seated interviews. If you want more, you can check out all of Apple Music’s documentary series in the app on iOS and Android.

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