Beck’s “Morning Phase” Presents Honorary “Sea Change 2” Music Writing Award


On September 24, 2002, Beck published Sea change, a deeply personal album that was in many ways the antithesis of the fractured and bizarre pop music that defined her Beck-ness. It was an album with a direct lyrical approach to her recent breakup – it wasn’t the “so why don’t you kill me?” Beck — and he traded Beck’s carved electronic sketches for orchestral arrangements.

The album was rightly considered a classic in Beck’s work – it got a perfect rating of Rolling stone when it came out, an honor usually reserved for Bruce Springsteen – and it’s Beck’s default favorite album of all the “serious” people you know. [Ed. note: This is one of my favorite albums.] But it should also be noted that the album was not entirely well received; it has become totally shredded by the Voice of the village, who called him to be cliché.

This week Beck is going out Morning phase, his first new album of songs since 2008. It is a disc heavy with introspection and acoustic and strident Californian country rock. In other words, it looks a lot like the second coming of Sea change. Sea change: Recharged, If you want. The press release that was issued announcing the release of Morning phase did little to dispel this idea, calling her a “kind of companion” to Change of the sea.

Not by chance, Morning phase receives more decidedly positive reviews than any Beck album since Sea change. And if you’ve read any of the reviews that hit the net last week – and I’ve read at least 40 of them – you’ll notice that there is literally no living review that can resist mentioning for free. Sea change. Some are better for writing around the Sea change comparison than others—Rolling stone mention Sea change right away before moving on immediately, while others had a hard time reviewing Morning phase without mentioning for free Sea change.

In honor of the poor and unhappy souls charged with revising Morning phase, who had to avoid their lowest natures to just write, “it’s Sea change 2. Listen to it ‘, and instead had to write reviews that found creative ways to SEO Sea change. We call them commemorative Sea change 2 Music writing award.

Realization by blowing the Sea change 2 Wad in the title
“Beck Morning phase marks a new radical change “-The Guardian

Achievement by leaning back Matrix-Style to avoid calling it Sea change 2 By calling him Sea change 2
“Simply call Morning phase a Sea change redux and being done with it does Beck and the album a disservice, of course. “-Sputnik Music

Achievement by giving up the pretense and going just for it
“Sonically, it’s practically Sea change, part II. The musical choices are almost identical – bells, swollen cinematic strings, ample harmonies – but Hansen’s voice doesn’t sound so sad. And given how well that approach went last time around, it wouldn’t have any reason to.Alternative press

Realization in the referencing of the press release in order to justify the appeal Sea change 2
“I love Beck – everyone loves Beck – but the only one of his records that really touched me was Sea change. So imagine my joy reading the press release of Morning phase, who describes this first new album in six years as an “accompanying piece” to the same record.The 405

Realization more or less by comparing Morning phase TO Before sunset
“At its end, the sun has definitely risen Morning phase, and any suggestion that this is simply a retreading of Sea changeRuminations can be firmly put to bed. He might share some sonic similarities, but he’s an altogether brighter beast, built by an older, wiser soul who seems to have taken a few years to figure out exactly where he wants to be as an artist.Drowned in sound

Realization by calling it too Odelay 2, May be? Or not.
“This Morning phase is so clearly a sequel – and arguably a slightly updated carbon copy – to Sea changeBeck’s previous sad-sackery exercise makes it hard not to compare the album with the rest of Beck’s discography. Of course, no one is asking Beck to recreate the genre collision he sailed so well in the ’90s. ”-Washington post

Achievement in the most New Yorker Way to call it Sea change 2
“The Beck album being cited as a precursor of Morning phase is Sea change, from 2002. Although this is an elegant record, set in the warm and mid range of Los Angeles rock music like Crosby, Stills & Nash and Gordon Lightfoot, it has that “Who knows?” »Quality that can lower Beck’s music. New Yorker

Achievement in the most New Yorker Way to call it Sea change 2, Weekly entertainment Division
“The short answer is that it most closely matches that of 2002 Sea change, evoking an equally spotty Californian folk-rock sound. But there is a new kind of hypnosis in the fading voice and lyricism of the traveling poet here. And the loose moon theme seems appropriate – the album swells with a magnificent twilight wonder. “-Weekly entertainment

Achievement by calling it Sea change 2 Serving to say it’s not as good as Sea change
“But while the new record is unequivocally linked to its ancestor – it features many of the same players and a surprisingly similar sonic palette – there are differences that set it apart and bring it down … While the technical chops of Beck have grown impressively, Morning phase only proves that he can face Sea change-style production, as if trying to redraw a masterpiece. “-Fork

Achievement in beating a precipitous retreat
Morning phase makes an interesting return to form: it’s a throwback to Beck’s chameleon tendencies, but one that was explicitly touted as the 2002’s companion Sea change. And so it is, at least on the surface … But while Morning phase easily recalls the folkloric instrumental vocabulary and the clear production of Sea change, he cannot stand anything of the austere and defeated tone of this last disc, exchanging a gloomy gloom for an exit quite more animated and more pastoral.Consequence of sound

Realization in Eyerolls & Superflu Presenter The references
“If Beck himself had not described Morning phase as a companion of the years 2002 Sea change – he recorded it with many of the same backing musicians – anyone who heard 30 seconds of the record would immediately do so on his behalf. Morning phase departs from Sea change As Presenter 2 stands out from Presenter. It’s grammatically impossible to be “sadder than sad”, but damn it if Beck doesn’t bend the laws of linguistics on Morning phase in an attempt to frown Sea change. ”-Grantland

Achievement in the article itself being an implied endorsement of the boring Sea change 2 Music-Crit Party Line
The one you just read on Noisey.

Andrew Winistorfer is currently working on Sea Change 3. He is on Twitter@thestorfer

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