CCTV catches sports club thieves despite recording equipment theft



The intruders were caught on CCTV

SAFETY at a Sway sports facility will be reviewed after thieves break into a series of buildings during what appears to be a planned raid.

Armed with bolt cutters and other tools, three or four people targeted Jubilee Field at Station Road around 10:15 p.m. Friday night, entering the cricket club pavilion and sheds, as well as the parish council garage and warehouse. .

They took garden items including a brush cutter and leaf blower, as well as a set of new Hampshire Cricket League balls and PPE gear from the cricket club. They also took CCTV equipment that recorded them and opened an empty safe.

The thieves went to the parish council premises and searched, but left about 13 minutes later without finding anything of value.

The cricket club is at Jubilee Field, Sway (Photo: Google)
The cricket club is at Jubilee Field, Sway (Photo: Google)

Parish Council President Cllr Stephen Tarling said: “The footage shows there were three or four and they were not young vandals, but looked more like prepared burglars; they were equipped with bolt cutters and the like.

Pointing out that there were few valuables in any of the buildings, Cllr Tarling said an alarm had sounded and CCTV had been taken.

“We will do a systematic review when we meet at our next equipment committee meeting and see if anything can be improved or should be revisited,” confirmed Cllr Tarling.

“We really wanted to say something [publicly] as a warning, as I understand that there have been a number of local incidents where people have broken into outbuildings and taken away expensive pieces of equipment that are easily transportable and easy to sell.

“There is really nothing of value in any of these buildings; the cricket club does not hold money overnight and neither does the parish council.

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