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SUMMRVILLE, SC (WCSC) – For the past six years, choir and voice teacher Maurice Burgess has taken the reins of The Mustang Voices choir program at Gregg College in Summerville.

Burgess loves helping choir students polish their voices and put their best foot forward.

Burgess says music and signing is one of the true foundations of the arts. He says he has 300 students in his coral program and loves the opportunity to meet kids where they are and help them develop their voices.

Burgess says her choir hall urgently needs two Zoom audio recording devices to record performances and help students give each other feedback and grow.

“We would be able to tape gigs without having to go out and have someone do it,” Burgess said. “We haven’t been given a budget, so everything we do has to be donated or fundraised.”

Under the direction of Burgess and Andrea Scheulen, the Mustang Voices have performed on many major stages.

They have performed at the Charleston Symphony Orchestra, Disney World and the Summerville Italian Festival.

This year, the class was selected as the college’s featured choir program for the South Carolina Music Educator’s Association conference.

“Our goal is to get them where they are and get them where they want to be. What I love the most is regardless of their resource, every child can be part of this program and be successful with this program,” Burgess said.

The Mustang Voices choir program still needs $301 to make its donor’s chosen goal a reality.

DONATE HERE: Gregg Middle School fundraiser for recording equipment

All donations are tax deductible and the Donors Choose website collects your money, purchases the items and sends them to the teacher, ensuring that your donation is used for its intended purpose.

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