Meet Stephon Hendricks, the multi-talented man with skills in music, writing and also influencing people across the world by traveling.


There are people in this world working with determination to achieve a particular goal, putting all their effort into it and moving closer to their visions to make their dreams come true. However, there are many others in the world who are working not only to achieve what they are looking for, but to positively impact people through their work; this is the noble intention with which they continue to work and excel in everything they do. This is the true story of a man who faced great personal losses in his life, losing his mother and young son to cancer. But, one who never gave up and kept moving forward with a life filled with goals. This is Stephon Hendricks aka Hendrix Sky. With the goal of influencing and positively impacting people with the work he does, being a vocal artist, writer / author and traveler, Hendricks is making waves in these industries through his passion, his determination and attitude to never give up.

This talented man is already setting the stage on fire with his musical successes as a soulful vocal artist.

Today, Hendricks is one of the most sought-after names as an artist, author and traveler who influences people around the world with his exceptional work. His journey and work as a musician and vocal artist in the vast music industry has brought him into contact with many people, touching the right strings of their hearts. His prowess as a musician is par excellence; The proof is the number of record hits he has already given including Make Love To Me, In The Air, Bump Tonight, Without You and many other titles.

He was also part of an R&B group called ‘Notice’. In 2012, they even released a single and a music video, the music of which premiered on ‘MUCH Music’, Toronto’s premier music channel. Platinum music artist Snow mentored this talented musician and vocal artist, where Hendricks featured on his album DVD Two Hands Clapping.

Hendricks has also always had a knack for creating writing and this catapulted him to becoming the bestselling author twice. His blog posts are an inspiration in themselves that has positively influenced many people so far. His fluency in the language and strong vocabulary, along with his clear vision in writing his blogs and books, shows just how passionate a Hendricks writer is.

Hendricks was born in Toronto, Canada to a Guyanese-Portuguese mother and started working from an early age. At just 19, he enlisted in the Canadian Army in the 3rd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment Infantry full-time. After completing his tour of Afghanistan, he received the most devastating news of his life that his mother and young son were diagnosed with cancer. He lost them both in the same year. This was the turning point for Hendricks who decided to choose a healing path and live a life for others by guiding, inspiring, motivating and uplifting others through his music and writings and by traveling the world.

Besides being a frequent traveler and influencer, Hendricks has proven his courage as an artist and creative mind with his music and writing skills. Looking at how he influences the world through his work, we won’t be surprised if he becomes the most influential and important name as a multi-talented mind and personality.

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