Meet the family duo of music producers behind Skull Island Studios


Todd Pettengill and his daughter Hayley opened Skull Island Studios in Georgetown in May.

Todd Pettengill started working in the radio business in a small town in upstate New York at the age of 13, paid off with vinyl records.

“I’ve mixed music most of my life,” Todd said, adding that opening his own business was a natural fit.

Pettengill Productions opened in New York City in 1994 as the parent company of Skull Island Studios. Todd moved to Georgetown in May to be closer to his eldest daughter, Amanda.

Skull Island Studios – Todd said the name is inspired by his love of skulls and the way the shape of a skull resembles a microphone – is located in northeast Georgetown, near the town of Walburg. Todd said the studio is a one-stop-shop for video and music production.

“If you go in and record your album, we can record your music video as well. So it’s hand in hand, ”he said.

Todd said producing music can be a tedious process, sometimes taking 25 to 30 hours to produce a song from scratch. But he doesn’t do it alone.

Todd said he gets a lot of help from his youngest daughter, Hayley, who is the company’s vice president.

Todd produces the music while Hayley handles marketing, social media and programming.

“She really is my right hand, and I couldn’t be more proud of her,” Todd said.

Hayley runs the business when Todd is working in New York City, where he hosts a daily radio show in the city on WPLG-FM.

The father-daughter duo said they talked about working together for years before trying. Hayley said working with her father was her favorite part of the job.

“He taught me a lot; [he’s taught me] everything I know, ”said Hayley. “He is my best friend.”

Although his business has been around for more than two decades, Todd said his move to Georgetown allowed him to start from scratch, network and reach out to potential clients.

The hardest part of all this: not having enough hours in the day, he says.

“If we could put five or six more [hours in a day] that would be awesome, ”Todd said.

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