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Earlier today, Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow donated musical instruments to Stella Maris School in Belize City. This morning at the handover ceremony, Barrow told media he would seek funds to hire teachers for the school which will be named after a well-known Belizean musician.

José Sanchez: “Stella Maris educates people with special needs and diverse abilities across the country. Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow is keen to add music to her program and has donated music materials to the school.

Shyne Barrow Music Ambassador: “These students who are the most vulnerable and needy in a society are measured by how they treat the most needy and vulnerable among them, so the principal and Ms. Ferguson have stayed behind me every step of the way. , because I obviously have many responsibilities, many financial obligations and therefore it is not easy to find this money but I made sure to keep my promise for the new school year which was the promise that we would start the new year school so I handed over all the material and now I just need to go find the rest of the money to take care of the teacher and the rest of the school will officially start on October 21 as a school of music Leilah Vernon Stella Maris.

Journalist: “Give us a description of the gift, what has been promised, what has been delivered so far, what is left? “

Music Ambassador Shyne Barrow: “Well, all the materials needed to teach the class: instruments, books, etc. was delivered. The recorders I listed them earlier; everything I gave: all the books, all the materials, everything the headmaster asked me in terms of equipment, I was able to submit today and all we have to do now is work on the professor. Obviously this comes at a cost, so we’re working on it right now, but we invite any generous donor who loves music and kids to sign up and contact the director directly so they can make their contribution.

José Sanchez: “The director hopes their benefactors will come forward to develop the program. ”

Main: “This program will surely enhance our existing programs here at Stella Marris School. We want to expose our children to the art of music because we know where it can lead and we never know what hidden potentials our students have, so we want to know and harness them. You can contact us at Stella Maris school at 224-4564 or you can contact me on my cell phone 600-7279. If you want to stop; stop by Stella Maris school and we can have a dialogue and we can really improve this program too.

José Sanchez: “Music will be coming to Leilah Vernon Stella Maris School soon.

Jose Sanchez for Love news.

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