Neil Nayyar becomes the greatest instrumentalist in the world with 107 musical instruments!


For most people, playing a musical instrument can be a challenge. Especially in these days when you don’t need to know how to play a musical instrument to produce a song – people mostly rely on computer generated beats and rhythms to create a song. Neil Nayyar took a different path when he was very young; he can play more than 107 instruments and count.

Considering his accomplishments in the music scene and his abilities, one would be forgiven for thinking that Neil is approaching his forties but would be surprised to learn that he has just entered his teenage life. While some musicians master a few instruments, Neil has broken all records. At the age of twelve, he broke the record set by a twenty-seven-year-old instrumentalist for playing 44 instruments.

A year later, he nearly tripled the number of instruments he could play when the number rose to 107 settings, a record that most people think is hard to beat by anyone who dares challenge the prowess of this young artist. .
And how did the thirteen-year-old learn to play all of these instruments? This is a question that has lingered in the minds of most people. His parents say they realized he was good on the instrument and had the talent at the age of five. At this age, most children can only sing to the tunes they hear in the media; and they are far from the air. But for this great kid, it was a walk in the park, being able to play instruments in a way that most people wouldn’t. After discovering the talent, they enrolled him in summer camps where he learned to play several instruments. He has music teachers in different parts of the world; China, India, Italy among others where he works via Skype.
It’s not just about playing musical instruments, the homeschooled boy is gifted in other different ways, he can paint, is good at martial arts and Bollywood dance among other activities. The multi-talented teenage sensation has also ventured into acting, he recently signed a contract with Conquest Management and previously auditioned to perform Star-Spangled Banner on saxophone at the Sacramento Kings at the Golden 1 Center, an indoor arena. from downtown Sacramento, Calif. on Oct. 28, 7 p.m. at the opening of the game. It’s Kaiser Permanente-sponsored Breast Health Awareness Night and he will be surrounded by breast cancer survivors as he it will happen.

When asked about his favorite performance so far, Nayyar was quick to highlight the California State Fair, an event where he sang and played four instruments among other saxophones, sitars as well as Sheng and Sauna, all of which are two of the Chinese instruments.

For Neil, music is not only a moment of well-being, but also a way to connect with people where he shares his music and draws his inspiration. He says that by learning to play instruments, he learned about different cultures. This is his favorite part, where he meets new people and cultures, seeing how they play instruments. For him, the instruments represent people and cultures offering an ideal means to promote unity and cohesion in the world.
Recognition poured in; sensational teenager Elk grove has been named the youngest person to play musical instruments by Assist World Foundation (India). The talented boy is now seeking recognition by Guinness World Records for his extraordinary talent. Recently, he appeared on the CBS-owned talk show Good Day Sacramento, where he was interviewed about his musical achievements. He is also featured in Breaking News on Fox40 and ABC10.

Neil says music is his passion; he lives, dreams and thinks about music all the time. He reveals that the passion started at a young age with a hundred dollar drum. He hasn’t finished yet, he says the sky is not the limit and that he will add other instruments. He revealed that he is currently working on his 108th musical instrument. The young talent has many plans for his future. He recently signed with an arts agency and aims to add acting and singing to his growing repertoire. Neil also worked with vocal trainer Raquela Burt of Elk Grove Sings and MR Prasanna (who pioneered the guitar on Carnatic music and gave his guitar music in the famous Shahrukh Khan “Yeh jo des Hai Tera, Swades (Bollywood) – ARRahman, 2004 and many others) as he completes his next debut album of world music.

Neil believes the future is bright and that he will continue to hope to accomplish even greater things. The sky is not the limit for a boy who is soon to be assigned starring roles in a Hollywood movie / TV / Commercial that suits his super talent.

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