The village of Korobosea receives musical instruments



The Motu Koita village of Korobosea received this week musical instruments worth 7,000 K and an additional 15,000 K for the renovation of the official residence of their pastor.

They were presented to the United Church by Arutu Bake, a member of the parish of the village of Kira Kira, who is acting in that capacity following the death of his member Degure Gorogo at the end of last year.

Funding was allocated through Tabudubu Limited, a commercial arm of the Motu Koita Assembly.

He stressed to people the importance of cooperation which he believes ensures proper service delivery.

“Children are our future, so let’s educate them from an early age and the church plays an important role in raising a child. “Leaders need to wake up and do their homework and what we have given to the church will benefit many of you.

“Take care of these instruments and use them for the glory of God and all will be added to you,” Mr. Bake said.

Korobosea United Church congregation president Ken Kuruku Vaibua thanked the ward member for equipping and funding the renovation of the pastor’s residence.

“The village has not seen any change for a very long time and it is our prayer that the good Lord will guide you and direct you in your efforts,” said Mr. Vaibua.

The pastor of the congregation, Reverend Taura Frank, had the honor to bless and dedicate the equipment that will be used at the church.

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